How to Play Creep by Radiohead





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How to Play Smoke on the Water for Complete Beginners


All the numbers represent the fret.  For example:  3 will be on the 3rd fret (first dotted fret), 5 will be the 5th fret (2nd dotted fret), and 0 will be open string (don’t play any fret).

0  3  5

0 3 6 5

0 3 5

3 0

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The Big 3 Tuning Tips

  1. Avoid leaving your guitar in areas with extreme temperature changes, this will definitely mess up the tuning. Dropping or bumping the guitar will also make it go out of tune. Carry your guitar in a case as any damage to it could effect how well it tunes up.
  2. In a noisy environment you will definitely want to use a guitar tuner. You should purchase a quality tuner. You don’t need to spend a lot. An inexpensive tuner or tuning fork is definitely good enough to start out (I personally use a Snark tuner). Always bring it to gigs and jam sessions. But, remember try to develop your ear by using the traditional guitar tuning method when you can. In the long run you will be just that much better of a musician. Only use a guitar tuner to tune the Low E string and then tune the rest by ear. This will help develop your ear as a musician.
  3. ALWAYS TUNE UP! When you tune a guitar string, always start below the desired note and tune up to pitch not down to pitch. This will help prevent the string from going flat during play. Even if the note is too high you can stretch the string to give it some slack then tighten it.Play a chord that you know well to test the tuning, if it sounds odd or out a bit it probably is, remember always trust you ear.


Andrew McCormick


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“Slash” Chords

Many songs use what musicians call “Slash” Chords.  No, this isn’t named after Slash, it’s a reference to the combination of chords used to make one single chord.  For instance, a C/G is a chord that has C qualities but with a G in the bass.

Understanding how to read these chords is simple – the letter to the left of the slash is the type of chord – so in this case it is “C” chord (aka a C major chord). The note to the right of the slash is the bass note in the chord - a “G” in this circumstance. So, a C/G chord is a C major chord with the note G in the bass. If you study the chord in part three, you can clearly see the C major chord, with the G on the third fret of the sixth string also being fretted in the bass.

slashchordcgNotice that the dots are all numbered.  1 is index finger.  2 is middle.  3 is ring.  And 4 is pinky. :)

What I love about these chords is they all sound great together and are fairly easy to play!  Here are a few more to jam on.


For great examples of these type of chords in action check out Wonderwall by Oasis.

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How to Play ANY Song on Guitar

The 3 Elements to play any song!!

1.  Chords  (in this lesson E and Am)

2. Strum Patterns (listed below)

3.  Transitions

Strum Pattern

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For All You Last Minute Rocker Shoppers!


Can’t figure out what to get your guitar playing friends?  Fear no more!  I found a great list!  Enjoy and happy holidays :)






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How to Play Ukulele (for Guitar Players)

Hey shredders! Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to play ukulele if you have even just a little bit of guitar playin’ skillz. I picked a ukulele up a while back and was instantly applying the same principles to play full songs. All you have to do is memorize a different set of chords!

In this video, I show you how to play a bit of Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. The chords I use are G C G D (in order).  Check out the chords and strum pattern below and have a blasty blast..  island style!

ukulele lesson for guitar players chords and strum pattern

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Your Guitar Teacher Rips the Roof Off House of Blues Anaheim!!

Hey guys, just wanted to show you a little piece of “practicing what you preach!” In this video, I am playing the minor blues scale in the key of A. In the guitar battle at the end, I play pattern 1 for the first solo piece, then the 4th pattern for the 2nd solo piece. Finally, I transition the band into the outro via a series of pull offs all the way down on the 2nd fret from the G string to the D string. As you can see, I am a big fan of legato style.

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