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Easy Acoustic Song! | What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes

What’s up guys! (See what I did there)

Thanks for tuning into this video lesson on how to play What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes. This is a very easy song and a great go-to for beginners and advanced alike because EVERYONE knows and loves this song.

Take your time and master the chords. Then work that strum pattern and remember to keep your arm swinging the whole time to keep a flow. Support me at Patreon to get the full song!

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Brown Eyed Girl | Ukulele Lesson

Brown Eyed Girl is a simple and sweet song with only a few chords but has a pretty tricky lead intro due to the use of double-stops. Take your time and this Van Morrison classic will be all yours!

Click here to become a Patreon member and get the tab:

Click here to access this tab plus 29 MORE!

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The 3 MOST Common Chords on Ukulele!

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Thank you for your support. ūüôā

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Ukulele Basics | Learn it for 99 Cents!


Ukulele Basics:

Learn the basic of Ukulele in a few short minutes and for only 99 cents!

In Ukulele Basics, you will learn:

Ukulele Parts

How to Read Tabs

3 Fun and Easy Ukulele Riffs

How to Play Common Chords

Proper Fretting Technique with Detailed Pictures

and MORE!

Nothing else needs to be said! It’s 99 cents!!
Ukulele Basics:

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My Secret EASY Song for Beginners – Good Riddance – Green Day – Guitar Lesson


Still confused?  No worries.  Take a look at this powerful and effective book.  Click HERE!  It has helped countless beginners take their playing to the next level!


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How to Play ANYTHING on the Ukulele is my proudest product to date. ¬†Why? ¬†Because the amount of information and material you get is insane. ¬†For the price, it’s practically giving it away. ¬†And you know what? ¬†I don’t care. ¬†I love what I do and want as many people as possible to know how to play the ukulele. ¬†I want you to have complete freedom to play


you want just like I can! ¬†It’s so much fun and such a good feeling to know I can play whatever song I hear on the radio that day.

Imagine that. ¬†Picture having that freedom. ¬†Could you believe it? ¬†Well, that’s what this eBook is all about. ¬†You see, it’s not just an eBook. ¬†It’s an eBook that comes with not 6, not 7, but


free videos to guide you along your ukulele mastering journey! ¬†You will never be lost or confused because I’m right there with you, guiding you through the entire book as you go.

¬†“It’s like having one-on-one lessons with a 5 Star rated teacher” says Michael S. from Los Angeles.

So get it now and start having fun today!  Enjoy FREEDOM to know How to Play ANYTHING on the Ukulele!!

Click the image to buy now before I realize I’m practically giving it away!


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Beginners’ Guide: Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

Are you a complete beginner? ¬†Great! ¬†I’ve taught countless beginners with NO experience with music at all. ¬†And recently I have condensed all of my years of experience in teaching beginners into one simple and easy-to-follow book titled Guitar Basics. ¬†In the book, the first thing we cover is guitar parts. ¬†Check it out in the video below!

Click the image to buy Guitar Basics


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