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Learn 30 Fun and Easy Ukulele Riffs —-NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

I am very proud to announce the release of my newest eBook titled Fun and Easy Ukulele Riffs.  Please support your local music teacher and get an incredible value!

This book contains: 30 accurate, fun, and easy riffs for the ukulele.  Tips on each riff for easy play.  A brief run-down of ukulele techniques for more fun playing!  Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Hendrix, Black Keys, Aerosmith, and more!

“Amazing work.  This book has every riff I’ve ever wanted to play and more.  Not only are you a good teacher, but a great author too.  Thanks Drew for doing all the hard work for me.”   -Robert, Irvine

“This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had on ukulele.  I can’t wait for the next one.”  -Eli, Newport Beach

“Andrew has to be one of the nicest guys i know as well as one of the best ukelele players ive seen.  This book is a great example of his skills.  i cannot get enough of these riffs and i’m only on page 14!!!”  -Samantha K., Costa Mesa

“This book is a ton of fun.  I really like how detailed each lick is and all the tips he tells you below each of them.  Some of them are a little tough, but I know I can manage with a little more practice.. which wont be hard since it’s so fun to play.  My wife plays and is enjoying it as well.  Thanks.”  -G.S., Miami

“What a great song compilation. Andrew is fantastic at what he does!”   -Alice W

Click HERE to buy now!


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Guitar Basics: A perfect eBook for beginners!

Hey rockstars!  So as many of you know, I’ve been teaching 1-on-1 guitar lessons for years now and I’ve easily taught 100’s of complete beginners how to ROCK!  So what I’ve done is condensed all of that material I usually teach within the first month or so into ONE FULL AND SHORT BOOK called Guitar Basics.  This covers all that you need to know to get started.

Plus it comes with a guaranteed and FREE support from myself via email:

Here are a few comments from people who have actually read it and used it!

“This is the perfect guide for beginners.  I was a new guitar player just 2  months ago and this helped me to get all the basic stuff down really good.  The pictures helped a lot too.  I would highly recomend this book for anyone looking to play guitar.”  -Richard

“I recommend this book 100%!!  I actually have taken guitar classes before but this helped  me understand the material i skipped over before.  And for the price, it’s amazing.   I would’ve spent at least 4 times that much to learn what i know now.  Get guitar basics and you wont regret it!!  Good info in there and for cheap!!!”  -Veronica

 “This is a great first guitar book. Not only did the author go over the basics of how the physical guitar actually works and functions, he provides very practical, basic information on chords, strumming patterns and tabs. If a new player plays through the contents of this book, he or she can be confident that they have the base talent needed to learn how to play this instrument.”  -Paul

“If you are interested in learning guitar this book is a great way to get started. It covers the basics in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. Anyone who reads the book and completes the lessons presented will be well on their way to playing their favorite songs around the campfire.”  -Theresa

“Explains the basics well. Easy and fun to follow. I recommend this for anyone who wants to start playing guitar.”  -Justin

This book is a comprehensive and concise manual for getting started on guitar! Although designed for beginners, this book is a great read and resource from rookies to pros alike because it covers the basics of what every guitar player SHOULD know!

Don’t think you can’t learn guitar, because YOU CAN. With this book, you will have access to a typical 1st month of lessons with Andrew McCormick.

That’s up to a $220 value!

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How to Play ANY Song on Guitar

The 3 Elements to play any song!!

1.  Chords  (in this lesson E and Am)

2. Strum Patterns (listed below)

3.  Transitions

Strum Pattern

Get started today!  Call or email me!



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How to Play Ukulele (for Guitar Players)

Hey shredders! Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to play ukulele if you have even just a little bit of guitar playin’ skillz. I picked a ukulele up a while back and was instantly applying the same principles to play full songs. All you have to do is memorize a different set of chords!

In this video, I show you how to play a bit of Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. The chords I use are G C G D (in order).  Check out the chords and strum pattern below and have a blasty blast..  island style!

ukulele lesson for guitar players chords and strum pattern

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Increasing Finger Dexterity

Hello fellow guitar players!  Just yesterday I had a student ask me for something to help him get his pinky finger more strength for playing guitar.  I had just the thing for him.  Listed below is a simple exercise that will not only workout your pinky finger but ALL of your fingers.  It is a solid dexterity exercise that I still use to this day as a warm-up.


1.  Must know string names.

2.  Must be able to read tabs.

Before you get started, take a careful look.  Notice the chromatic pattern.  In this very exercise, use your index finger first, then your middle, then ring, and finally the pinky.  After you get all the way through, try running it backwards.  Then, move everything up one fret and start again!  Once you master that, use alternate picking.  If you get smooth with that, time to bust out the metronome and work on increasing your speed.  Have fun!

Guitar exercise #1:

|——————————————————–1-2-3-4—| < — E string
|———————————————1-2-3-4————–| < — B string
|———————————-1-2-3-4————————-| < — G string
|———————–1-2-3-4————————————| < — D string
|————1-2-3-4———————————————–| < — A string
|-1-2-3-4———————————————————-| < — E string

I’d be happy to answer any questions on this tab if you need help!  No charge!



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How to Play Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

Hey guys! Today I wanted to give away a little piece of what I do so effectively with students: break. things. dowwwwn.

Breaking it all down strum for strum, chord for chord, is a great way to get a visual advantage on playing a song and it works like a charm.  This is a great example.  It’s simple, repetitive, and fun to play.  Enjoy!


Now, if you’re a beginner you’re thinking, “Crud, transitioning from E to A may not be so bad, but that E to B7 is a pain!”  Yes, yes it is a bit.  But break it down and just play E to B7 back and forth for a while.  Forget the strum pattern and just focus on getting those two down solid.  Then just follow the arrows and you’re on your way to some good ol’ fashioned prison music!

If you are a novice player, you will be noticing that it is using a unique 11 bar blues style format.  Yes, this IS correct.  Odd.. but correct.  Play along to the song to see for yourself!  And be careful not to get lost from the last E line to the first.  Keep that count going in your head.

If you’re advanced, you’re probably like… “I’m bored.”  If so, work on your improvisation skillz on this fancy back track.  Figure out the key for yourself. 😉

Thanks for reading and have fun!



The Most Ideal Practice Schedule

Hey rockstars!  Happy holidays!

Today I wanted to talk shortly about how often a guitar player should practice.  Most of my clients meet me on a weekly basis (as many of you know).  At the end of each lesson, I make sure they understand exactly what I want them to practice for next week.  The common question is… how much should I practice, Andrew?

Allow me to put your worries to rest.  My first response is..  well, until your fingers hurt so bad you physically can’t play… haha.  jk, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea (think Eddie Van Halen who practiced 12 hours a day).

What I tell students is just  15 minutes a day.

I find that we learn things a lot better if we study in small increments every single day.  Think of it as a balanced diet.  15 minutes a day of whatever skillset you want to learn, be it Guitar, Judo, or Underwater Basket-Weaving.

That’s it.

Hope this helps!

All the best,


McCormick Guitar Lessons


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A minor Pentatonic Scale: Pattern 1

Check out the link to watch the video!


Thanks,  Rock on good people!



McCormick Guitar Lessons


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Tips to Playing Bar Chords

Let’s face it, bar chords are tough.  They take time and effort.  Just remember, more work, more payoff.  With bar chords, you can play almost ANY song.  So I encourage you and all my students to practice at least ten minutes a day.

Here is a link to a video that will help you on your way to playing bar chords efficiently!