NAMM 2015

Here are some pictures from my visit at NAMM this year! This is the biggest music convention in the world that is a members only event.  I got lucky and scored a membership last year and now I get the privilege to see the hottest new toys in music today! Click on the picture for... Continue Reading →

Looking Up Tabs (The SMART Way)

Today I wanted to cover a major topic that I go over with ALL of my clients.  That is how to look up tabs.  As simple as it may sound, it's actually a little harder than you'd think to find a GOOD tab.  You see, tab sites are like wikipedia.  Although there is a lot... Continue Reading →

Make it Funky!

Today I was feeling goofy and wanted to show you guys how to play around with a chord called the E9.  When I'm jamming with friends in a studio I love to throw this out there because it is so fun to play with. Tip:  Throw some Wah on that sucker and it will really sing!... Continue Reading →

Parts of the Electric Guitar

Heyo!   Today I wanted to cover one of the very first things I teach all of my beginner students.  It's the guitar and all of the different parts.       Below is an electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar is a little different, but most of everything such as the body, neck, tuning pegs are the same. Take a... Continue Reading →

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