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July 2016 Showcase Pictures are in!

Check out some of my students being brave and performing at the 3rd McCormick Guitar Lessons Showcase!  So proud of you guys!  Click the image below to go there now!



NAMM 2015

Here are some pictures from my visit at NAMM this year!

This is the biggest music convention in the world that is a members only event.  I got lucky and scored a membership last year and now I get the privilege to see the hottest new toys in music today!

Click on the picture for more information!

Looking Up Tabs (The SMART Way)

Today I wanted to cover a major topic that I go over with ALL of my clients.  That is how to look up tabs.  As simple as it may sound, it’s actually a little harder than you’d think to find a GOOD tab.  You see, tab sites are like wikipedia.  Although there is a lot of good information being posted, it is still unofficial and done mostly by non-experts.  Well, allow me to help you carve through the rubbish and find a winner!


First of all, I only use  It is by far the best tab site out there today.  First of all, it has a vast amount of songs.  Second of all, once you learn how to navigate the site, it is easy to narrow down a good tab!  Here’s how: 

Step 1:  Type your song into the search bar

Step 2:  Scroll through the different versions until you find one that has 5 stars.  This is huge!  These 5 stars are done by other guitar players (think yelp) and help you to quickly wade through the other crap out there!

Step 3:  If there is more than one 5 star rated tab, choose the one with the most ratings.  That number will be listed next to the rating. 

That’s it!  You’re done!

Now, if you can’t find a tab with 5 stars, look for one with 4 stars and acknowledge the fact that there will be flaws and LOOK for them.  If a note or a chord sounds… “off,” it probably is. 


One last thing.  If you can, download Guitar Pro software.  I believe it costs around $30 and is AMAZING.  It will be accurate and usually will have ALL instruments note for note.  By far one of the best investments I have ever made as a guitar player (2nd to only my guitar haha). 


Hope this helps!  Happy shredding!


Your favorite guitar instructor,




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Make it Funky!

Today I was feeling goofy and wanted to show you guys how to play around with a chord called the E9.  When I’m jamming with friends in a studio I love to throw this out there because it is so fun to play with.

Tip:  Throw some Wah on that sucker and it will really sing!



Keep it funky people…


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Parts of the Electric Guitar


  Today I wanted to cover one of the very first things I teach all of my beginner students.  It’s the guitar and all of the different parts. 

      Below is an electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar is a little different, but most of everything such as the body, neck, tuning pegs are the same. 

Take a peek!



The machine heads are used for tuning your guitar strings.  Turning them one way will cause it to sound higher (sharp).  Turning them the other way will cause them to sound… yes!  lower (flat). 

The neck contains the frets, which is where your fingers will be to make notes and chords.  For a right-handed person, this hand will be your left hand.  For a left-handed person, the fret hand is your right. 

   On the acoustic guitar, the sound is resonated by use of a hole and a hollow guitar body.  On the electric (the one shown here), we have pick-ups.  By using the selector switch, you can cause the guitar to sound different.  If shifted toward the headstock of the guitar, it will sound deeper and have a fuller tone.  If shifted the opposite way, it will sound bright and sharp.  Everything else is a series of different sounds in between these. 

Have fun and test it out yourself!


Oh yeah, the whammy bar.  Watch at 2:35.  Bam!



Andrew McCormick

McCormick Guitar Lessons



The Trick to Singing and Playing!

Today I wanted to address an issue that many new guitar players encounter. How do I sing and play?!

Well, there is a trick to it. Yes, it takes work, but this method is by far one of the best ways to get it going.

The method I show each student that wants to sing and play at the same time is this:

Break. It. Down.

Listen to the song. A LOT. Sing along and get each note and naunce down.

Next, (obviously) learn the song! Play it just as it is written, get it all down.

Then, and here is the hard part, be patient and start playing one chord at a time. Forget that strum pattern. Sing the song just as is, but play very simply with one chord at a time (usually on the one of each measure). Break it wayyyyyyyyyy down. Slow it wayyyyyyyyyyy down. Eventually, you will get it down and then you can step it up. Start playing a simple Down Down Down Down strum pattern for each chord.


Start with a very simple song!

My favorite two songs to teach beginners when they want to sing and play is Every Rose Has It’s Thorn and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. Try ’em out. They are simple to play and simple to sing.

Have fun and for help/more info, contact me for one-on-one services. Each lesson is tailored specifically for you each time!



McCormick Guitar Lessons


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Hot Licks in A Minor Pentatonic (Pattern 1)

This lesson is for intermediate guitar players that have learned how to read tablature, know alternate picking, and are at least fairly comfortable with playing in the pentatonic scale.

This is a composition of a few little runs you can do and they are ALL in position 1 of the minor pentatonic scale in A.  I have used this to help improve many students in the area of using scales and creating melody.



A Minor Pentatonic Hot Licks!  (Pattern 1)










































Play along to this fantastic backing track by RandomJammer!



Have fun!




McCormick Guitar Lessons


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