Free Lessons

Iron Man – Black Sabbath – Electric Guitar Lesson

Name – Goo Goo Dolls – Acoustic Guitar

Ukulele Lesson!  Back in Black by AC/DC

How to Play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

How to Play Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift (The PERFECT Beginner Song)

How to Play Space Oddity by David Bowie

Ukulele Lesson – How to Play Riptide by Vance Joy

How to Play Open Power Chords

How to Play the Crazy Train Riff on the Ukulele

How to Play the Most Popular Riff of ALL TIME

4 Fun and Easy Riffs for the Ukulele


Beginners’ Guide: Parts of the Acoustic Guitar


 4 Fun and Easy Beatles Riffs for Guitar

 4 Fun and Easy Beatles Riffs

How to Sing and Play Guitar




How to Flirt Using a Guitar



How to Play:  Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd


Click this link for the free PDF!

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here(easy)



Odd Tip:  How to Remove Your Pick From Your Guitar



4 Fun and Easy Riffs for Ukulele






How to play Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


STRUM PATTERN:    Down     Down    Down    Down Up



How to play The Joker by Steve Miller Band










How to play Creep by Radiohead






How to play Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

(Beginner Version)



All the numbers represent the fret.  For example:  3 will be on the 3rd fret (first dotted fret), 5 will be the 5th fret (2nd dotted fret), and 0 will be open string (don’t play any fret).

0  3  5

0 3 6 5

0 3 5

3 0



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