How to PLay anything on the ukulele

From tabs and tricks to chords and strumming, learn to play anything on the ukulele with this simple guide that comes with 8 video lessons!

Fun and Easy Ukulele Riffs
Start having fun instantly with the ease of tabs and instantly infectious riffs everyone knows and loves! This ebook continues to be my best seller!

Fun and easy ukulele riffs 2

The sequel to the best-seller! Get 30 MORE fun and easy ukulele riffs in this guide. (Plus a special bonus at the end!)

How to play any song on the guitar

Achieve ultimate freedom with this guide for beginner guitar players. With each chapter, I guide you through the tips and tricks to learning any riff or solo and onto any chord and rhythm. Lastly we put it all together!

50 Blues Rock Licks for Guitar

Start ripping through solos in no time and improve your chops as a lead guitar player with this game-changing guide. No frills, just amazing riffs to keep your fingers moving and improving.

ukulele basics

Get started with this easy-to-follow basics guide for ukulele. For only 99 cents, you have nothing to lose!

12 Ukulele christmas songs

Keep the holidays warm and bright with this easy to read guide to 12 Christmas songs on the ukulele! Chords and tabs included for each!

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